Fourth year of Top 100 in Montenegro - 100 najvećih u Crnoj Gori

The “Top 100 in Montenegro 2021“ project will acknowledge those who achieved good results even in difficult circumstances.


The business results in the financial statements for last year will be affected by the COVID crisis. However, the “Top 100 in Montenegro 2021” project will identify and single out companies that achieved better results than others in difficult circumstances.

This has been announced at a press conference marking the “Top 100 largest in Montenegro 2021” project kick-off, initiated by the BI Consulting company and implemented with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro.

Mr. Ratko Nikolić, the founder of BI Consulting, a business information provider, has said that the Top 100 project has contributed to the development of the financial reporting culture for the fourth year in a row, as well as to the improvement of the business environment and competitiveness of Montenegrin companies.

Mr. Nikolić has said that the business year 2020 was marked by the COVID crisis that, in addition to the impact on the citizens’s health, also had a very strong impact on the economy.

“That impact will certainly be reflected in the business results and 2020 financial statements, which we are to analyse. Within this process, we will try to identify and single out those companies that have achieved better results than others in these difficult circumstances, listen to their experiences and advice in overcoming current business risks, and then publish them in the Publication, where their business achievements will be noted,” Mr. Nikolić has said.

Ms. Nina Drakić, the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, has said that one of the main priorities of the Chamber of Commerce in the coming period will be to support the revival of economic activities, especially once the COVID-19 pandemic is suppressed.

“We have the ambition to continue our work on creating a more encouraging regulatory framework that will result in more predictable and safer business operations, growth in profitability, and employment. The partnership within this project is another confirmation of our shared aspirations to promote those who are the best and most successful even in these challenging times,” Ms. Drakić has said.

Mr. Marko Čelebić, director of the Corporate Banking Sector and CMO Advisor from NLB Bank, has highlighted that he is very pleased that this bank is part of the Top 100 project this year.

“Our goal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life and business operations of all those who live and create here, and that is why we are here to support business people, especially the best and biggest ones among them. We are convinced that the “Top 100″ hallmark will be awarded to many of our clients, whose successes we look forward to. That is why we have been supporting their growth and development from year to year, as a partner bank that really cares about the business operation of its clients,” Mr. Čelebić has said, emphasizing that they have had intensive talks with their clients most affected by this virus.

“Some received help to maintain their liquidity, others had their loan repayment obligations deferred even before it became a legal obligation ordered by the state,” Mr. Čelebić has said.

He believes that the principles of sustainability must be part of business strategies in order to achieve a sound growth.

“We support our clients to promote positive business practices together, and transparency in publishing financial statements and focus on sustainable and socially responsible business operations are the values we nurture in the NLB Group, given that we are also a signatory to the UN principles of sustainable banking”.

He has added that they, from the bank, are always ready to discuss objective circumstances and offer solutions, whenever conditions for that are met.