The “Top 100 in Montenegro” project, implemented through the partnership between BI Consulting, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy, and with sponsorship from the Societe Generale Bank Montenegro, entails both analysis and publication of data on business operation of Montenegrin companies.

By analysing 2016 business operation data, BI Consulting has come out with the findings showing that Crnogorski Telekom is no. 1 company in the “telecommunications” sector, while in the category of large companies it is ranked 4th according to its profit, 6th according to its revenues and 12th according to the number of employees. These data also illustrate the prominent role of Crnogorski Telekom in the development of the Montenegrin economy and society in general, not only in setting standards in the field of telecommunications, digitalisation and corporate social responsibility, but also in the field of significant investments in infrastructure.

It is important to note that once they submit their 2017 business reports, the Montenegrin companies that meet the criteria will be ranked by revenue, profit and number of employees in categories of micro, small, medium and large companies. In addition to the abovementioned rankings and depending on their business activity, 12 of them in total, the project will also rank largest companies by their revenues, and a company that has recorded continuous growth in the number of employees, total revenues and net profits in the last three years will receive a special award. All project information are available on its official website: