Partnerstvo eng - 100 najvećih u Crnoj Gori


You belong to the “Top 100 in Montenegro” club and you recognise that Your place is among the best? Now you have a chance to send genuine messages through genuine channels. Thanks to your results, a credible source will talk about you.

100 NAJVEĆIH in Montenegro is organized by agency for creative communications BI Communication, and it has been initiated by leading provider of business information in Montenegro BI Consulting, which is also the Analitical partner of the project.
Institutional partners are Privredna komora Crne Gore and Investiciono razvojni fond Crne Gore.
Exclusive partner is Mtel.
Special partners are Voli, Zetagradnja and Glosarij.
Zlatni partneri su Novi Volvox, Domen, Uniqa osiguranje, Carlsberg, Hipokrat poliklinike, Montenegro Stars Hotel Group and NeltGroup.
Silver partners are Čistoća, Alliance, Deponija, CMM and Royal Taxi.
Event partner is Yellow Event. Technical partner is Komo.
Friends are Navar Incorporated, Entext, Home Systems, Vukšić, Čikom, Tring, Martex, Project Consulting, Gorenje Podgorica, ComTrade Distribution, Mezon, Drvomont ,Tapacir Kurti, Zelenilo, Boka Trans, Eko Petrol, Venkon, IM Group and Pharmalife.
Media partners are TV Vijesti, Prva TV, Drugačija radio stanica,, Arhimed and E kapija.