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The project “Top 100” is being realized in Montenegro since 2018. The most successful companies in Montenegro will be presented in a unique, special publication: “Poslovne novine-Top 100 in Montenegro”, which will be introduced to the public at a gala ceremony in May. It will be an opportunity to give awards to top-ranked companies, based on commendable results they accomplished in previous year. The gala ceremony will bring together numerous business people, high officials and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

The aim of the “Top 100 in Montenegro” project is to contribute to the development and strengthening of the positive business climate through promotion of positive business practice, the largest and the most profitable companies, as well as biggest employers. This indicator will also facilitate better recognition and promotion of those Montenegrin companies that make use of their right to present themselves to the clients, business partners and social community with the stamp “Top 100 in Montenegro” and thus show that they belong to the group of the most important companies in Montenegro.

The unique selection of “Top 100 in B&H” has traditionally been held in Bosnia and Herzegovina for already 30 years. BI Communication is now expanding this success story even further, by organizing the Project “Top 100 in Montenegro “, based on Franchise Agreement.