The number of micro, small, medium and large enterprises registered in Montenegro is increasing.” In 2016, there were 18,203 registered micro enterprises in Montenegro, while in 2017 this figure reached 19,744, which is 8.5% more. In the same period, the number of small enterprises grew from 1,323 to 1.427, which is an increase of 8%. As for medium-sized enterprises, the increase is 5.7%, as there were 175 of these companies in 2015, and 185 a year later. Finally, there is an increase in the number of large companies as well: 14.3%. Namely, we had 35 registered large companies in Montenegro in 2016, and 40 in 2017″, the analytical sector of the “Top 100 in Montenegro
has said.

The 2018 data will be available once the companies file their financial statements for that year.