AWARDS CEREMONY TOP 100 IN MONTENEGRO 2021 - 100 najvećih u Crnoj Gori

Great companies grow out of great leadership, so what all great leaders have in common is to truly change themselves, their micro and macro environment, as well as that they do not forget to share their success with their team.

This is the crucial message from the awards ceremony of TOP 100 in Montenegro 2021, where the results of the ranking of the most successful Montenegrin companies in 25 categories are summarized.  The project was initiated by BI Consulting with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro and under the general auspices of NLB Bank Podgorica. The project is organized by the BI Communication agency.

The director of the project of the TOP 100 in Montenegro, Ljiljana Burzan Nikolić, pointed out that true “leadership is guided by vision and responsibility, not by power”.

“Someone chooses it, someone is drawn into that important role, but the common to all great leaders is that they are the ones who truly change themselves, their micro and macro environment.  They go first, they pave the way and they help those who follow them to find their own path to leadership “, highlighted Burzan Nikolić.

She specified that true leaders will never forget to share their successes with their team.

“I do not spare words of praise for my BI Communication and BI Consulting team and all collaborators on the project, and I hereby greet them and admit that I am proud of our mutual success.  But also you, our dear friends, are the team of the TOP 100.  We follow, support and encourage each other to be even more successful “, indicated Burzan Nikolić.

She ended her speech with a quote from John Maxwell: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”, and her message is “Let’s be even better next year!  Because that is our way.

Award in the competition among the micro companies in terms of the number of employees was given to ASP MONTENEGRO, in terms of revenue to the company FLYSTAR FLIGHT SUPPORT, and in terms of net profit to SAFETY & CONSULTING AGENCY, all from Podgorica.

In the competition among the small companies, on the first place in terms of the number of employees is the company GUARDIAN WORLD, in terms of revenue – the company CARLSBERG MONTENEGRO, and the first award in terms of net profit is awarded the company DOMEN, all of them from Podgorica.

In the competition among the medium-sized companies, TOBACCO S PRESS from Podgorica is on the first place in terms of the number of employees, FARMEGRA from the same city in terms of revenues, and ROAMING MONTENEGRO from Municipality of Nikšić in terms of net profit.

Among large companies, the largest employer is the company VOLI TRADE from Podgorica, the largest revenues are generated by ELEKTROPRIVREDA CRNE GORE AD NIKŠIĆ, while the most profitable company is BEMAX based in Podgorica.

When it comes to sorting by activities, the company VOLI TRADE is in the first place in the activity of trade, the company HOTELS GROUP MONTENEGRO STARS Budva is ranked first in the activity of Hospitality and in the activity of Real Estate Management company DELTA M CG Podgorica is ranked first.

In the field of audit and accounting, the award was given to PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS from Podgorica, in the field of building the award won BEMAX, in the field of food and beverages MESO-PROMET from Bijelo Polje, in the field of other production and processing in the first place is company from Nikšić named UNIPROM, in the field of telecommunications in the first place is MTEL, in the field of trade in oil and derivatives on the first place is JUGOPETROL, in the activity pharmacy on the first place is GLOSSARY and in the activity of Medical Services in the first place is Polyclinic HIPOKRAT.

GLOSSARY received the award for the largest growing company.

The awards were presented by the representative of NLB Bank in Podgorica Dino Redžepagić, the representative of the Revenue and Customs Administration Aleksandar Damjanović, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro Nina Drakić, the representative of Telenor Branko Mitrović, the representative of Uniqa insurance company Nela Belević and the representative of BI Consulting Ratko Nikolić.