Montenegro 2022 "Top 100" project launched - 100 najvećih u Crnoj Gori

The project “Top 100 in Montenegro” has justified its existence, and the motivation to get on the lists of top 100 in Montenegro is an important factor for domestic businesses to operate within the bounds of laws and with full consideration of business ethics.

This has been indicated at the press conference organized to announce the beginning of the project “Top 100 in Montenegro 2022”. The project, which has been implemented for five years in a row, with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, was initiated by BI Consulting, the leading agency providing information on business operations and creditworthiness in Montenegro. BI Consulting has been implementing it together with the agency for creative communications BI Communication.

Mr Ratko Nikolić, the founder of BI Consulting, business information provider and co-organizer of the project, has said that five years of the project is the right moment for a short recapitulation of what has been accomplished.

“When I look back where we were when we started and where we are now, and add to that the challenges we are learning to live and do business with, which have left a lasting mark on all economies in the world, including ours, I must conclude that our project has justified its existence. In my opinion, the motivation to get on the list of top 100 in Montenegro has been an important factor for domestic businesses to operate within the bounds of laws and with full consideration of business ethics. If that is really the case, then our initial mission has been accomplished,” Nikolić has said.

Ms Nina Drakić, the president of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, has said that she sees this year’s “Top 100” project not only as the ultimate acknowledgment for businesses that win a prestigious place in this project deservedly and based on measurable criteria, but more than that.

“We from the Chamber see this and similar initiatives as another and essential incentive for every company’s and individual entrepreneur’s work and results to be acknowledged within their branch and their economic reality. As a rule, such acknowledgments and awards are the most favourite and equitable ones – because they come from their own business family,” Drakić has said.

Ms Tatjana Mandić, the executive director of M-tel, has emphasized that this is the 15th year of MTEL’s business operation on the Montenegrin market and that it will be full of surprises for customers, and that the company has started this year as a market leader in mobile telephony as well as in television.

“I would also like to point out that MTEL will be the exclusive partner of the “Top 100” project this year. It is a great honour and privilege to bear the stamp of “Top 100 ” and a special pleasure to join the most successful companies in Montenegro,” Mandić has said.

Last year, MTEL received the prestigious award “Top 100” as a top ranked company in the field of telecommunications.

“Being a leader in the segment of telecommunications reflects MTEL’s successful development strategy, as well as constant investments in infrastructure, daily commitment to customers, and continuous development of new services. The selection of MTEL as the most successful telecommunications operator in the market by this project stands as an evidence of our efforts and contribution to the development of the economy and society of Montenegro. It is, therefore, not surprising that our company has decided to support the “Top 100″ project this year as an exclusive partner”, Mandić has said.