Crnogorski Telekom, the top-ranked company in the field of “Telecommunications” in last year’s selection of the “Top 100 in Montenegro”, is the exclusive partner of the project this year as well.  

The “Top 100 in Montenegro” project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, with the support of the Chamber of Economy and with the sponsorship from the Societe Generale Bank Montenegro. The most successful Montenegrin companies are ranked based on clear and publicly available criteria. The rankings are then published in the publication “Business Newspapers – Top 100 in Montenegro” in May.

“In the rankings that BI Consulting produced for the needs of the “Top 100 in Montenegro 2018” project, Crnogorski Telekom took the first place in the “Telecommunications” sector. In addition to this prestigious result, this company was ranked the eighth among large companies by its revenues, the eighth by its profit, and the sixteenth by the number of employees. As a technological leader, Crnogorski Telekom helps the growth and development of the Montenegrin economy, and consequently the decision to support this project as an exclusive partner this year does not come as a surprise,” the organizers have said.

Telekom representatives have said that they have recognized the values promoted by the project, and that by endorsing them they foster further development of Montenegrin business environment and economy.

“We are pleased to be the exclusive partner of the “Top 100 in Montenegro” project again this year, because the project puts emphasis on promoting quality and successful and transparent business. Crnogorski Telekom, as a part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, provides the most advanced services of the highest quality to the private and public sectors in Montenegro, as well as smart solutions and expertise for their implementation. As a technological leader and a reliable partner, we help both the Montenegrin public and business sector to benefit from all the opportunities that digitalization brings and thus to improve their businesses and their work with citizens. We believe that projects such as this are an additional contribution that helps connect Montenegrin companies and allow them to share experiences, which makes them the most successful ones in the country,” Predrag Perković, director of the Crnogorski Telekom corporate sector, has said. The organizers have repeated that, once they file their financial statements for 2018, those Montenegrin companies that meet the criteria will be ranked by their revenues, profit and number of employees, and within the categories of micro, small, medium and large enterprises. In addition to these rankings, the project will also rank and reward the largest companies by their revenues depending on their business activity, in total 12 activities, and a special prize will be awarded to the company that has recorded a constant growth in the number of employees, total revenues and net profit in the last three years.