In order for a company to be ranked in one of the 25 “Top 100” categories, it needs to meet the criteria and requirements defined by the project, as well as deliver duly completed financial reports on time.

The “Top 100 in Montenegro” project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, with the support of the Chamber of Economy and with the sponsorship from the Societe Generale Bank Montenegro. The ranking of the best Montenegrin companies is performed based on clear and publicly available criteria, and the rankings are then published in the “Business Newspapers – Top 100 in Montenegro” in May. The project and the ranking itself have attracted a lot of interest and the organizers emphasize that the ranking is carried out solely based on duly delivered and accurately completed balance sheets.

“Many clients have contacted us and asked how to apply for ranking. The only way for a company to be considered for ranking is that it delivers correct financial reports on time. Our analytical partner, BI Consulting, takes over these balances from the Tax Administration, analyses data and produces rankings. In addition to timely delivered and properly completed balance sheets, another ranking prerequisite is that the company meets criteria and requirements that are publicly available on our web site www.100najveć“, Ljiljana Burzan Nikolić, director of the “Top 100 in Montenegro” project, has said.

The organizers have underlined that the experience shows that there are quite a few companies that deliver their balance sheets believing that everything is properly completed, and it turns out that is not the case, which automatically eliminates that company as a potential ranked entity among “Top 100 in Montenegro”. Therefore, they have introduced the possibility this year to check the correctness of balance sheets by simply completing a query on the website www.100najveć

“In order for as many companies as possible to be ranked in one of the 25 “Top 100 ” categories, we offer a possibility to check the delivered balance sheets. It is enough, namely, to fill in an application form that opens by clicking the “Contact Us” button on our website www.100najveć and our analytical service will send you the feedback,” Burzan-Nikolić has said.

The organizers have repeated that, once they file their financial statements for 2018, those Montenegrin companies that meet the criteria will be ranked by their revenues, profit and number of employees, and within the categories of micro, small, medium and large enterprises. In addition to these rankings, the project will also rank and reward the largest companies by their revenues depending on their business activity, in total 12 activities, and a special prize will be awarded to the company that has recorded a constant growth in the number of employees, total revenues and net profit in the last three years.